Promax recycling kit for refrigerant recovery.

Promax recycling kit
  • Promax recycling kit

Promax recycling kit for refrigerant recovery.


Promax recycling kit for refrigerant recuperator, works with all refrigerant recuperators.

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Specifically designed to clean and recycle refrigerant on site.
Ideal for applications with R22 as it is no longer available.
Removes dirt, moisture and oil from the refrigerant, which is transferred from a cooling system.
The high capacity oil separator removes 95% + of the oil contained in the refrigerant vapor and allows the collection and measurement of the removed oil.
Includes humidity indicator display to monitor the flow of refrigerant and indicate when it is necessary to replace the filter drier.
The high-performance filter / dryer removes moisture and contaminants.
The exclusive and practical nylon “bag” package allows flexibility, portability and ease of use and transport - Light and completely portable.
Can be used with all CFC / HCFC or HFC refrigerants, including high pressure compounds like R410A.
Equipped with 1/4 turn shut-off valves to control the flow and isolate the cleaning kit when not in use.
The filter / dryer is easily replaced in the field and allows the use of filters of different sizes, depending on the application.
Can be used with any recovery machine or refrigerant system.
Suspension hook included.
Dimensions 320 x 270 x 80 mm
Weight 1.75 kg

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