Digital thermostat FX3SE-16P-00-C 105ºC 1 relay NTC5K
  • Digital thermostat FX3SE-16P-00-C 105ºC 1 relay NTC5K
  • Digital thermostat FX3SE-16P-00-C 105ºC 1 relay NTC5K

Digital thermostat FX3D-Dual 150ºC 2 relays / 2 probes

Digital Temperature Controller Dotech FX3D-Dual-00
Power supply: 220v
Relay: 5 Amp
Can be configured for cooling or heating systems.
- Heating or cooling output
- Sensor calibration
- Sensor error detection
- With NTC 5K probes included (105ºc)
- Optional: NTC 10K probe (150 ° C)
Dotech FX3D-Dual-00 MANUAL_EN
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The FX series digital temperature controller mod. Dotech FX3D-Dual-00 (basic model) can be used in several production areas where constant temperature control is required, it is a very precise, versatile and robust equipment.
Works with NTC 5K probe included.
Basically it's a 2 in 1 thermostat.
With a very simple and effective programming, we can select the mode of operation, whether in cooling or heating. And many more functions, we advise you to download the instructions at:
Widely used in refrigeration systems, hotel equipment, refrigerated display cabinets, refrigerators.
We believe in the quality of these products, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return us your purchase up to 15 days, which soon after we have returned the amount paid for the product.
It can also be used in drying greenhouses, industrial heating systems, brooders, incubators, incubators, aquariums and other purposes.

FX3D-DUAL Basic model (with DPR-TH1-ET sensor-inclusive)
Main functions.
Programmable for Heating or Cooling.
Precise temperature control.
Sensor reading correction (factor K)
Detection of errors.
Possibility to reset to factory settings.
Delay to operation when turning on or off.
Definition of limit for maximum and minimum temperature
Power Supply
AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, Max. 4VA
Relay Output : NO (5A), Temp. sensor input : 2 probes (NTC)
DPR-TH1 : NTC 5k, ±0.3℃ at 25℃ (-50~105℃) included.
DPR-TH2 : NTC 10k, ±0.3℃ at 25℃ (-50~150℃)
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