Digital thermostat FX3QR 800º 4 relays PT100

Termostato digital FX3QR
  • Termostato digital FX3QR

Digital thermostat FX3QR 800º 4 relays PT100


Digital thermostat Dotech FX3QR-00

It can be configured to heating or cooling systems.

4 relay outputs.

PT100 probe (not included)

Excellent quality material.

2 years warranty.

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The digital temperature controller of the FX series mod. FX3QR-00 (Basic model) can be used in various fields of production in which a constant temperature control is required is a fairly accurate, versatile and robust equipment.
Work with probes PT100 2 or 3 wires.
4 relay outputs, very versatile device that can be used in various projects eg. power scaling, alarm systems, fan speed control, etc ...
With a very simple and effective programming we can select the operating mode in cooling or heating. And many more features, we recommend download the instructions:

Users manual (ENG)

Catalogo Séries FX (PT)

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