Digital differential thermostat FX3FS 150 º C

Digital differential thermostat FX3FS 150 º C
  • Digital differential thermostat FX3FS 150 º C

Digital differential thermostat FX3FS 150 º C

Digital temperature controller Dotech FX3FS
Can be used as differential thermostat.
Can be configured for heating or cooling systems.
You can view up to tenth, eg. 22.2 º (up to 99.9 °)
Free 2 NTC 5K probes (-40ºC to 105ºC)
Material of excellent quality!
2-Year Warranty.
100% secure payments
Dothec FX3FS-00 controller can be used as a temperature differential thermostat, widely used in heat transfer systems, accumulation of heat energy,management of water heating systems that use firewood heating boilers or stoves, solar systems, etc ...
Can operate in heating or cooling.
With the two probes can:
  • (t1) (t2) In the event of faulty probe 1 automatically starts operating probe 2.
  • Sum of 2 probes (t1 + t2).
  • Selects the minimum temperature of the two probes.
  • Selects the temperature max. the two probes.
  • Works by the average of the two probes.
  • Differential temperature (t1 - t2)
  • Differential temperature (t2 - t1)
  • You can use probes 5K (t º 105 º C max) or probes 10K (T max 150 ° C)
With a very simple and effective programming, we select the mode of operation, incooling or warmingAnd many more featureswe recommend downloading the instructions at:
Users manual (ENG)
We believe in the quality of these productsbut if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase to us within 15 daysafter which We carry out the return of the amount paid for the product.
It can also be used in drying ovensindustrial heating systemsbrooders,incubatorsbroodersaquariums and other purposes.
If necessary, we send pre-configured according to the needs of the customer.
  • Depending on the purpose, users can select between heating and cooling outputs.
  • Virtual temperature control with dual sensors
  • Among the various combinations of 2 sensors, users can select one as a standard virtual current temperature.
  • Operation during Sensor Error
  • During sensor error, one of the two sensors backups. It operates based on the cycle of the latest 2 hours when all of the sensors fail.
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Users can calibrate a sensor by adjusting between sensored and actual temperatures.
  • Sensor Error Detection
  • It detects the sensor errors automatically and alarms immediately.
  • Auto Save and Restoration of Parameter Values
  • Parameter values are saved into the nonvolatile memory safely and restored after blackout automatically.


Technical Specifications


Dimensions 78(W) X 35(H) X 78(D)mm
※ Panel Cut-Out Form 71(W) X 29(H)mm
Power 100~240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 4VA
Connection Screw Terminal(Up to 1.5㎟ Wire)
Analog Input 2P(NTC)
Relay Output 1P(250Vac/16A)
Sensor Temperature Dotech Standard NTC Sensor DPR-TH01-ET(Optional)
Type: 5㏀ at 25℃
Range: -50~105℃
Accuracy: ±0.3℃ at 25℃

Dotech Standard NTC Sensor DPR-TH02-P6D-100L(Optional)
Type: 10㏀ at 25℃
Range: -50~150℃
Accuracy: ±1.5℃ at 25℃
Operation Temperature -10~50℃  / Humidity under 90% RH
Storage Temperature -20~60℃  / Humidity under 90% RH


■ Accessories


Category Model Specifications
Range: -50 ~ 105℃
Accuracy: ±0.3℃ at 25℃
DPR-TH02-P6D-100L Type: NTC 10㏀
Range: -50~150℃
Accuracy: ±1.5℃ at 25℃



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