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  • This product is no longer produced, click here to see the new modelDigital Thermostat AKO 14123Contact: 250v 16A /. NO (13A s/EN-60730-1), SPDTPower: 230v + / -10%Probes: NTC (-50 º C to 99.9 º C) or PTC (-50 º to 150 º c)Control:cooling or heating.Probe not included.Users manual (ENG)Manual (ES) Excellent quality!  2-Year Warranty.

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    Digital Thermostat AKO D14123Contact: 250v 16A (12(9)A 250V EN60730-1)Power: 230v 50/60Hz 3.5VAYou can use probes: NTC(-50ºc a 99,9ºc) or PTC(-50º a 150ºc)For control of cooling or heating..Probe included.Excellent quality!2-Year Warranty.

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    Digital Thermostat AKO D14323Contact: Max 250V 16APower: 230v + / -10%Probes: NTC (-50 º C to 99.9 º C) or PTC (-50 º to 150 º c)For cooling systems control.Probes not included.Excellent quality!2-Year Warranty.

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    NTC probe thermostat AKOL: 1.5 mtDiameter ø: 6mmNTC(-50ºc a 105ºc)

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items