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In this category you can find ignition transformers of Danfoss brand, if by chance is not listed the product that you need please contact us.

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    Danfoss Ignition Transformer Type: EBI4 052F4030Prim 230V ac 0.25A 50-60Hz 60VASec. 15KV Ampl 40mA 2 outputsCompatible with Type:Bentone EBI 052F0037EBI 052F0030EBI 052F0036 (with difference in electrode outputs)Obligatorily MUST CONNECT THE GROUND WIRE

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  • 40,54 € In Stock

    Ignition transformer Danfoss Type: EBI4 052F4031Prim 230V ac 0,25A 50-60Hz 60VASec. 15KV Ampl 40mA 2 saidasCompatible with Type:EBI 052F0030 (with difference in outputs for electrodes)EBI 052F0036Obligatorily MUST CONNECT THE GROUND WIRE

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  • 4,56 € In Stock

    Cable with connector Ref. 052F5000For Danfoss ignition transformers052F4030052F0030052F4038Cable length: about 26 to 28cmExactly what is in the picture

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  • 44,49 € Available.

    Ignition transformer Danfoss Type: EBI4 1P 052F4040Can replace EBI 1P 052F0040Prim 230V ac 0,25A 50-60Hz 60VASec. 12KV Ampl 40mA 1 pole33% ED 3min.

    44,49 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items