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  • 24,51 € Available.

    Digital Temperature Controller Dotech FX3SE-16P-00-CPower supply: 220vRelay: 16AmpCan be configured for cooling or heating systems.Mini size and easy to use- Heating or cooling output- Integrated Alarm and Alarm Delay-ON delay time- Sensor calibration- Sensor error detectionWith NTC 5K probe included.Manual ENManual PTMaterial of excellent quality!2-Year...

    24,51 €
  • 45,03 € Available.

    Digital Temperature Controller Dotech FX3D-Dual-00Power supply: 220vRelay: 5 AmpCan be configured for cooling or heating systems.- Heating or cooling output- Sensor calibration- Sensor error detection- With NTC 5K probes included (105ºc)- Optional: NTC 10K probe (150 ° C)Dotech FX3D-Dual-00 MANUAL_EN 

    45,03 €
  • 56,89 € Out of stock

    Digital temperature controller Dotech FX3FSCan be used as differential thermostat.Can be configured for heating or cooling systems.You can view up to tenth, eg. 22.2 º (up to 99.9 °)Free 2 NTC 5K probes (-40ºC to 105ºC)Material of excellent quality!2-Year Warranty.

    56,89 €
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  • 54,72 € In Stock

    Digital temperature and humidity controller.Dotech FX3DH-00Probes not included. Excellent quality!  2-Year Warranty. Already sold to:   

    54,72 €
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  • 34,09 € Available.

    Dual probe HTX20▪ Measures humidity and temperature▪ Easy installation▪ Compact size▪ Cable with 3m▪ Fast response time▪ Stable and good performance▪ Chemically resistant1 Year Warranty.

    34,09 €
  • 37,34 € In Stock

    Humidity digital controller.Dotech FX3HProbes not included.Excellent quality!2 Years Warranty. Already sold to:      

    37,34 €
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  • 28,50 € Available.

    Probe HTX3515 Large long-term stability Is not affected by repeated condensation Output DC 1-3,6 Volt de 0 a 100% RH powered a 5VDC Humidity calibration  RH within + / -3% @ 55% UR Operating temperature :  -40ºC a +110ºC Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 7 mm Lead-free product, Cr (6 +), Cd e Hg. Compatible with RoHS  1 Year Warranty.

    28,50 €
  • Digital temperature controller Dotech FX3SCan be configured for heating or cooling systems.It can control up to the tenth, eg. 22.2 ºWith NTC 5K probe included. Material of excellent quality!2-Year Warranty. Already sold to:     

  • Digital temperature controller Dotech FX3DCan be configured for heating or cooling systems.With NTC 5K probe included. Excellent quality!2-Year Warranty.  Already sold to:   

  • 7,41 € In Stock

    Temperature probe DOTECHDPR-TH1 : NTC 5k, ±0.3℃ at 25℃ (-50~105℃)

    7,41 €
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  • 57,00 € Available.

    Digital temperature controller Dotech FX3SRRange measurement: -200 º C to 800 º CProbe: PT100 2 or 3 wires.Can be configured for heating or cooling.It can control up to the tenth (up to 99.9 º C) over 100 ° C (unit)No probe included.Material of excellent quality!2-Year Warranty.

    57,00 €
  • 18,13 € In Stock

    NTC 10K probeReading: -50ºC a +250ºCPrecision: +/- 1ºC a 25ºCProbe:Length: 100mm (Inox)Diameter ø: 6mm Total length: 1,5mt Cable: 2x0.5mm Teflon insulation.If necessary you can remove the spring.Protection: IP67Excellent quality!

    18,13 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items