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    Digital Thermostat AKO D14123Contact: 250v 16A (12(9)A 250V EN60730-1)Power: 230v 50/60Hz 3.5VAYou can use probes: NTC(-50ºc a 99,9ºc) or PTC(-50º a 150ºc)For control of cooling or heating..Probe included.Excellent quality!2-Year Warranty.

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    Digital Temperature Controller Dotech FX3SE-16P-00-CPower supply: 220vRelay: 16AmpCan be configured for cooling or heating systems.Mini size and easy to use- Heating or cooling output- Integrated Alarm and Alarm Delay-ON delay time- Sensor calibration- Sensor error detectionWith NTC 5K probe included.Manual ENManual PTMaterial of excellent quality!2-Year...

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    THIS ENGINE MAY BE CONFIGURATED, ROTATE TO THE RIGHT OR TO THE LEFT.Ningbo electric motor FW25K (YDK25-6)AC220-240V 50Hz 30W 6P 0.3A ClassB 2,5mFFor air conditioners from 5.000Btus to 13.000Btus Rotation to the left. Clockwise rotation.  2 Years Guarantee.Ø: 8mmA: 96mmB: 42mmC: 42mmD: 28mmE: 22mmF: 14mmG: 89mmH: 126mm 

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    Brackets for air conditioning.For appliances of 9000 and 12.000Btus.2mm plate lacquered in creamWeight max. 150kg (for bracket)Includes bushings and mounting screws.measurements:A-490mmB-395mm (370mm)C-64mmD-100mm

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    IMIT thermostat STB FIX 100º Type LS1 6035 Safety thermostat set at 100 º with manual reset. 1 contact 16 (2.5) A/250V Contacts: 1 NC contact closed Capillary 1500mm insulated with PVC

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  • 114,00 € Upon request

    Boiler Circulator pump.GRUNDFOS UPS 15-50 J1 1301x230VDistance between connections: 130mmConnections: 1" 2 years warranty. Already sold to:  

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    Roca temperature probe. Green thermistor. For models R and RS boilers. R20A R15/20 R20/20 R30/30 NR15/20 RS20 RS20/20 RSi20/20 Roca boiler fault code 01 or 02 WE RECOMMEND: CHANGE THE TWO PROBES

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    Coupling for diesel pump R.B.L.(clutch) cr l / kt / newtronic transmission gasketCRONO 2L/3L/3LS

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    Thermometer with probe capillary 50ºC to 350ºC 300cmRange: 50ºC to 350ºCComp. Probe: 3000mm (3mt)Mounting hole 52mm2-Year Warranty

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    Digital Temperature Controller Dotech FX3D-Dual-00Power supply: 220vRelay: 5 AmpCan be configured for cooling or heating systems.- Heating or cooling output- Sensor calibration- Sensor error detection- With NTC 5K probes included (105ºc)- Optional: NTC 10K probe (150 ° C)Dotech FX3D-Dual-00 MANUAL_EN 

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  • 105,48 € Available.

    Digital scale for charge refrigeration circuits.Scale up to 100kgPlatform: 223 x 223cmAccuracy: + / - 0.5%Digital display with backlight.2 Years Warranty. Already sold to:  

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    Step motor GAL-12A-BDCable length +/- 21cmStepper motor GAL12A-BD 12V DC New 2 Years Waranty. Already sold to:         

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    Motor for circulating pump Roca DYA43-15 PBoiler Roca RS20 / 20, RSIWarning: Used Product1 year warranty.

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    Roca probe (Thermistor) by surface contact.For boilers:Roca Laura or Victoria.Contact probe (Thermistor) for Roca boiler Victoria, Laura, Sara and GavinaFault code 50-90 failure temperature heating probe.Fault code 40-90 failure sanitary hot water temperature probe

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    Conversion kit SP Gavina GTi - GTiF ConfortConversion to the previous version of the hydroblock.Sold as is in the picture.

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    Kit gauges for refrigeration 2-Way.Scale: R22 R407c R410a R32Scale max. 54barIt includes:Hoses 1.5 Mt R410aConnections: 1/4 "F x 5/16" F c / curl.Bestseller for: 

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